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BCS Bowls That Could Actually Happen

With the season inching into November it is time to start looking at some of the possible, yet unlikely, BCS bowl games that we could see come January. These will be based on teams that are still mathematically alive, or control their own destiny, in their conference races. At-large bids will be a little more subjective but enjoy or shriek in horror of these possible matchups. 

BCS Title Game:

Boise State vs. TCU

This does require Oregon and Auburn to lose, but both of those teams have the opponents to possibly pull that off. Oregon has Oregon State and Arizona where Auburn has Alabama and the SEC title game.

Rose Bowl:

Oregon vs. Wisconsin

I just don't see Oregon losing more then one game, and they own the tie breaker over Stanford. Penn State could get here but they need to win out which would include wins over Ohio State and Michigan State, plus they need Ohio State to beat Iowa, and Wisconsin to lose twice. Wisconsin and Penn State could tie for the title if Wisconsin loses to Michigan, but the tie goes to BCS standings where Wisconsin is ahead.

Sugar Bowl:

South Carolina vs. Ohio State

South Carolina has it simple, beat Florida this weekend and then win the SEC title game against Auburn. Then the Steve Spurrier project would be complete at South Carolina.

Orange Bowl:

Maryland vs. Auburn

If Maryland wins out the go to the ACC title game and then would need to beat Virginia Tech. Auburn would fall here because they lose to South Carolina in the SEC title game.

Fiesta Bowl:

Oklahoma State vs. South Florida

Oklahoma State has no real threat in the South division of the Big XII, so they would just need win the Big XII. South Florida can get past Pitt by beating Pitt and having Pitt lose to either Cincinnati, UConn or West Virginia. So, seeing South Florida winning the Big East is not out of the question.

Stanford should be in the Nebraska spot because Stanford will be ranked anywhere from 5th to 7th in the final BCS standings if they win out. As for the rest of these picks they are all viable options and the most scary participant is Maryland who if they win out get the Orange Bowl bid.

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