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Road To The BCS: BCS Standings Release Open Thread

Not there will be much to talk about outside of the top four, well except that Craig James will say that he has no glass ceiling in regards to voting and do not be surprised if he puts Stanford third for beating a ranked Arizona team and move them ahead of Boise State. Stanford is probably the best one-loss team in the country but will be behind LSU, Nebraska, Wisconsin and Ohio State. I guess I agree with James on that front that Stanford is a good team. I think they should be behind Boise State at five, but doubt that will happen.

So, discuss and complain about the BCS below. I think this show is more about the complaining then the actual numbers, I just want to hear the debate about TCU and where they should be ranked. The ESPN show begins at 8:15 p.m. eastern time.

Join in on the chat to make fun of Craig James.

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