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#3 TCU's landslide victory over #5 Utah has the media gushing

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There was a strong outpouring of love for the Frogs last night after dismantling Utah in Salt Lake City.  ESPN college football analyst and blatant non-AQ hater Robert Smith kicked off the lovefest by declaring that TCU had moved into his top 2, and shortly after the internet exploded with similar outcries.  Hopefully this will translate into the Harris and Coaches polls because if TCU wants to stay ahead of Boise (make no mistake, this is the goal) in the BCS rankings they are going to need the human votes, but if statements like these are any indication TCU is heading in the right direction.

Pete Fiutak of declared that TCU was worthy of playing for a national title.

It’s okay, TCU. You can be in my national title. It’s one thing to be a non-automatic qualifying team and get through a mediocre schedule. It’s another thing to obliterate everything in your path.

ESPN College GameDay host Chris Fowler had a front row seat to the destruction and tweeted later that night that TCU had moved into his top 2.

Amazing day/night in CFB! Love it. foregone conclusions risky in this sport. my top 6: ORE,TCU,AUB,BOISE,STAN,LSU..'s Senior Writer Gary Parrish had this to say about the Frogs.

I've seen Oregon in person and Auburn in person, which means I know how the perceived best look. So I can tell you with a degree of certainty that the people who think TCU can't play with those two powers from those two power leagues are either stupid, stuck-up or one of the men making money off the BCS. Trust me, Gary Patterson's team can play with anybody.  They would beat the hell out of most.

Tom Dinehart of moves TCU to the head of the class of the non-AQ's.

Sorry, Boise State, but this makes it official. TCU is the best non-Big Six team in the nation.  If there were any doubters, Saturday's emphatic 47-7 demolition of Utah sent a message loud and clear.