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Road To The BCS: Spotlight Is On The Mountain West

The Road to the BCS series is back and we will go through some games that will affect the non-BCS teams (not going to fall to the pressure of saying non-AQ) in their quest for a BCS game. Plus, for each game there will be a section of who you should be rooting for. These games will be realistic games that could provide an upset.

As always, I prefer chaos to possibly break the system; wouldn't it be cool if there was a tie for second in the BCS standings. All rankings will be the coaches poll until the BCS standings are released. Links go to insightful content, and all times are eastern.

There are only a few games this week that effect the non-BCS to make a BCS game or a title game.

No. 6 Alabama at No. 10 LSU, CBS (3:30 PM ET)

This should be a defensive struggle and maybe Les Miles will pull another rabbit out his hat. It is in Baton Rogue so that helps the Tigers. Julio Jones has had two big games already against LSU and he should be the key to this game, if he blows up again.

Rooting interest: LSU. This would knock Alabama out of the BCS title race and possibly make some room for a non-BCS team.

Hawai'i at No. 4 Boise State, ESPNU/ESPN-3D (3:30 PM ET)

Hawai'i has their best team since 2007 when the Warriors went to a BCS game. Boise State will have to step up their secondary to try to slow down their passing attack. Boise State has a more powerful offensive line and should be able to push around the Hawai'i defensive line.

Rooting interest: Hawai'i. This will open up a spot for the TCU/Utah winner, assuming the winner goes undefeated.

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