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What Is Your Preferred Method To Watch College Football

I bring this topic up because of Saturday's mega-tilt against 3rd TCU against 5th ranked Utah. I have not been to a live college football game as a fan in almost three seasons (sad I know). The reason for that is I worked for a sports radio station in Salt Lake where I had to be at the studio to produce the pre and post game show plus record highlights. Then there were a few times where I went as a reporter to Utah games, or my brother who has a catering business who sells food at Utah games has asked me to work for him on occasion. At least when I was there helping out my brother I could spy on the game for a few minutes.

The last game as just a fan was the 2006 Utah-BYU game where BYU ended up winning 33-31 on a last second play where Beck found tight end Johnny Harline in the back of the end zone for the win. This season I still have yet to go to a game, but do not have the obligation to work at the radi station so this year I have been enjoying the games on my fairly new HD tv, with and CBSSports with the SEC games. Oh, and I can not forget the awesomeness that is my dual tuner TiVo.

I find that for myself I like having a game on the tv and then my laptop with either one game or if the feed is good I go with the four screen picture. This is a perfect scenario when I am watching live games. My laptop has a big enough screen to be placed next to me and not have to squint as I have the main game on the tv.

However, when I use the TiVo (which I do a lot) the 30 second skip button is the coolest thing ever! It is the perfect time from when the play is blown dead to the next snap. This comes in real handy when watching the awful broadcasters that are on the Mountain, and I can blast through a recorded game in maybe an hour which allows me to actually watch more college football without having to stay up late.

So, my preferred method lately has been to watch what I can at home using online and my TiVo. I never have been a real game guy. I don't really tailgate or have the equipment to do so. Even when I went to the Fiesta Bowl in 2004 when Utah smoked Pitt I did not tailgate with my buddies. We basically went to some restaurant prior and then got to the game maybe 45 minutes early.

However, I am going to be attending in person the Utah and TCU game tomorrow. One thing that I just realized is that perhaps I am that guy who likes to go the big games and there is nothing wrong with that.

So, I pass the question on to you readers: do you prefer staying at home and watching all the games on your time or having a full game day experience with the tailgating three hours prior and then doing a postgame tailgate after?  I do know the MUSS -- the Utah student section -- started tailgating festivities Thursday night.

So, basically how do you like to consume your college football?

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