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SEC Title Game Is Off The Board In Las Vegas

The SEC title game has been taken off the board of nearly every Las Vegas Sports book, and this is could be nothing or this could be huge. Usually, the only time that happens is when there is a player suspended, a key player is questionable to play or a really big swing in the line. It is only Monday but this could be interesting to see if the line does show up in Las Vegas any point this week. Before TCU fans started getting excited over the fact that there is more info on Cam Newton and the pay-for-play investigation and his eligibility. The reason the game is off the board is possibly due to South Carolina's quarterback Stephen Garcia who injured his thumb on his throwing hand against Clemson. In that game Garcia did not sit out and continued to throw the ball deep and this must be a precautionary reason for the line to be taken off the board. For a reference on the game, some offshore books have Auburn a five point favorite.

UPDATE: Looks like Garcia was in a sling when on Monday which is why the game is off the board.