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Gary Patterson's reaction to the ESPN hate towards TCU during their BCS Countdown Show

I was planning on writing up an epic diatribe on how ridiculously biased against TCU the BCS Countdown Show was tonight and how ESPN has a conflict of interest in trying to influence voters to keep them out of the title game when they are broadcasting the game but I ran out of time. Luckily Gil Lebreton of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram beat me to it, complete with quotes from coach Patterson bashing Rod Gilmore.

A few random thoughts from me about the show that I need to get off my chest:
-Out of 60 AP voters only 5 have TCU ranked 4th or worse
-2 of these voters were on the show tonight, Herbstreit (4) and Craig James (5)
-5 of the 6 analysts on ESPN tonight had TCU ranked 4th or worse.
-All of the 5 have conflicts of interest in ties to their alma mater which explains their bias towards big conferences and hatred for TCU.  Rece Davis (Alabama), Chris Spielman (Ohio State), Rod Gilmore (Stanford), Kirk Herbstreit (Ohio State), Craig James (SMU, TCU's rival and James was at SMU during the SWC days so he feels loyalty to the Big 12).
-I love Chris Fowler and I am not ashamed to say it!!!!!
-Where were the other pro-TCU analysts Jesse Palmer and Robert Smith tonight? Did ESPN take a cue from Mike Leach and lock them in an electrical closet like Leach did to Craig James' son?
-All of this shameful last ditch effort from these clowns at the "evil four letter" was for naught because TCU has a substantial lead in all 3 polls and will be in the NC if Oregon or Auburn stumble, so suck it ESPN!!!