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Black Friday Football Open Thread

The Mountain West does not have any games until Saturday, but there are at four games that will have a huge impact on whether TCU gets into the BCS. TCU has the easiest path in terms of opponents, but may need some help to guarantee a BCS bid.

No. 2 Auburn at No. 11 Alabama (CBS 2:30 p.m. eastern)

Colorado at No. 15 Nebraska (ESPN 3:30 p.m. eastern)

HOOPS: UNLV vs. Murray State (ESPNU 9:30 p.m. eastern)

No. 21 Arizona at No. 1 Oregon (ESPN 7 p.m. eastern)

No 4. Boise State at No. 19 Nevada (ESPN 10:15 p.m. eastern)

An excellent slate of games so pay attention to all of them, and come here to chat them up.

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