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TCU Athletic Director Chris Del Conte Strikes Back At Gordon Gee

Ohio State President Gordon Gee made a fool of himself earlier today by saying TCU and Boise play Little Sisters of the Poor. Now, TCU Athletic Director Chris Del Conte Came out swinging with some good zingers toward Gee and here are just a few:

"I sat back and just thought about our football program and our coach and realized that to start throwing stones at your house, they must be jealous," Del Conte said. "We have a phenomenal football program. ... And someone now starts taking shots at TCU? That means we've arrived.

[...] "Especially when I start to look at their nonconference schedule made up of the MAC schools -- that'd be Ohio, Eastern Michigan. I had no idea they were going out and testing themselves week in and week out.

Great comments by Conte to talk smack. Here is the combined records* of TCU, Boise State and Ohio State:

TCU: 62-73 (.459)
Boise State: 64-66 (.492)
Ohio State: 68-64 (.515)

*thanks to Pigskin Punditry for those numbers.

Listen below for the full Conte interview:

Also, getting into the act is Boise State's President Bob Kustra weighed in on Gee's comments. Kustra basically goes into how Gee is way off base:

"He claims that in the SEC, Big Ten and Big 12 it's murderer's row every week and there's absolutely little substance to that claim. ... The BCS has finally found someone to stand up and defend the indefensible and Gordon Gee proved it - he not just proved that it's indefensible but he did so with facts that are simply wrong. ...

Everyone in intercollegiate football knows that athletic directors of those large power conferences are scheduling more and more teams who are I-AA, who are teams at the weaker end of the non-AQ conferences, and for Gee to stand up and talk about murderer's row every week is just the height of folly. It's ridiculous. I think he's going to set off a firestorm he probably has no interest in creating. To say that he overstated his case is an understatement."

Kustra is exactly right, because a team from a current BCS league can schedule low level schools and as long as they win out they get a shot at the BCS title, but TCU, Boise State and others get criticized when the overall schedule is not overly better then these non-AQ schools.

Here is a video of the guys at ESPN discussing Gee's comments.