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BCS Chaos Watch 2010 Part Deux: Who does TCU need to root for this week?

Last weekend was another rough one if you were a Frog fan, more than a few games looked like they could go our way only to slip away at the last minute; Iowa had Ohio State down to a 4th and 10 to win the game, Mississippi State fumbled into the endzone in OT, and even lowly Ole Miss had the lead on LSU with 5 minutes left in regulation.  At least I could take some solace in the Aggies beating Nebraska, but even that felt bittersweet when I remembered that four-star recruit LaDarius Brown, who is down to Texas A&M and TCU as his final two schools, was in College Station partaking in the madness that is the Aggie War Hymn. 

Anyway it is a new week and we have our hopes pinned to a whole new bunch of scrappy underdogs who are sure to let us down just as soon as you start to believe they might have a chance to pull it off, but that's what being a sports fan is all about.  Follow along as I chronicle who we need to win this weekend, all you need to do is pull out your voodoo dolls, pray to whichever god is to your liking, make sure Jobu has plenty of rum, and yell at your television so much that your visiting family begins to think you might have tourette's.

Friday 12:30 MT
#2 Auburn Tigers @ #11 Alabama Crimson Tide
The rooting interest in this game hinges on the result of the Boise-Nevada game which won't be played until much later in the day.  If Nevada wins an Auburn loss could put TCU in the title game, but conversely a Boise win coupled with an Auburn loss will put Stanford in play which very well could send TCU to the Las Vegas Bowl.  I say play it safe and root for the $200,000 man and his Auburn Tigers. 

Friday 5:00 MT
#21 Arizona Wildcats @ #1 Oregon Ducks
The Wildcats have a snowballs chance it hell at pulling off the upset in Autzen, but if they did it would solidify TCU's BCS bowl hopes and obliterate Stanford's.  On a side note, does anyone else think it's weird that the Oregon Duck doesn't wear any pants?

Friday 8:15 MT
#4 Boise State Broncos @ #19 Nevada Wolf Pack
It is going to take alot more that the one man wolfpack of Colin Kaepernick to beat the Broncos Friday night.   To pull this one off the 'Pack will have to play flawless ball, get more than a few lucky bounces, and have some high-rolling wise guys pay off the refs in advance.  I will be rooting for Nevada harder than I have ever rooted for a non-TCU team in my life, but let's just say I am not hopeful, those smurfs can play some football.


Michigan Wolverines @ #8 Ohio State Buckeyes (10 MT)
#10 Michigan State Spartans @ Penn State Nittany Lions (1:30 MT)
Northwestern Wildcats @ #7 Wisconsin Badgers (1:30 MT)
If two of the Big Ten's unholy triumvirate can fall this weekend it will be smooth sailing on BCS selection day.

#5 LSU Tigers @ #12 Arkansas Razorbacks (5:30 MT)
The less one-loss teams in the SEC the better, WOO PIG SOOIE!!!!

Oregon State Beavers @ #6 Stanford Cardinal (6:00 MT)
I don't think the Beavers have a shot, but I didn't think they had a shot last week against USC after losing to Washington State, so who knows.  A Stanford loss could potentially knock them out of the Rose Bowl picture.

#3 TCU Horned Frogs @ New Mexico Little Sisters of the Poor (2:00 MT)
Oh yeah, TCU has a game to, sort of.  Though, it would be better if for TCU's strength of schedule if the entire New Mexico squad went down with a case of dysentary and forfeited, but this isn't the Oregon Trail.