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Mountain West Responds To San Diego State Letter About BYU Fumble

The Mountain West replied to the letter from San Diego State regarding the non-fumble against BYU. The San Diego Union-Tribune obtained the response letter from the Mountain West:

"It became clear the replay official (Mike Angelis) had become disproportionately focused on the Camera #5 shot (which had player traffic obscuring the football at certain points) and on the issue of ‘clear recovery.' He failed to ask the communicator (Chad Bunn) if there were additional clips available for review before making his final decision.

"Concurrently, the communicator (Bunn) was not sufficiently aggressive in notifying the replay official that additional thumbnails (video evidence) were available. Finally, the technician (Rob Moon) who had a view of the television line feed, did not notice or did not interject that a definitive view of the play was being shown on the air."

So, it looks like the Mountain West is trying to save face by saying it was everyone's fault within the replay booth. I doubt this will ease the pain of Aztec fans who felt they should have won this game.  Who knows if there was any agenda by these three individuals, because this is the first time in any game at BYU during their tenure within the Mountain West that there have been any problems. 

This looks to be the end of this fumble that should have been.

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