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New Mexico Lose Quarterback Brad Gruner For The Season By Way Of Pumpkin Carving Incident

We all know the Lobos are a laughing stock with their 1-19 record under head coach Mike Locksley with the lawsuits and him punching an assistant coach. Now, there is another bizarre story coming out of Albuquerque:

Part-time starting quarterback Brad Gruner sliced the pinkie on his throwing hand and required season-ending surgery.

The accident happened while carving a pumpkin.

Can the Lobos catch a break at all?

Not that Brad Gruner was a stud at quarterback, but this is his second major knee injury. Back in the spring, Gruner tore his MCL and was out for almost two months. Now, the quarterback duties fall to Stump Godfrey, B.R. Holbrook (whenever he comes back from his injury), and Tarean Austin.

Either way, none of those players are leading the Lobos to a victory this season.

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