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Future Non-Conference Games: Nevada


With the timeline now finalized for Fresno State and Nevada waiting an extra year in the WAC, questions about scheduling have now arrived for a number of schools with the MWC and WAC schools now requiring 5 non-conference games. I went to and dug up tons of little nuggets as far as future non-conference games go... I'll list those here so that the people (myself included) who did not know about these games can find out. I'll simply go through the important non-conference games for the future years for MWC teams (Including Utah and BYU). There will be a post for each team on every Tuesday and Thursday and the posts will be in no specific order. If you want to find out which school's post is for that day, then follow us on Twitter for the information on when the post will be. Also note that these posts were written on Friday-Tuesday of the last week of October, so if the posts seem about a week or two old, that’s because they are.


2011 Schedule - New Mexico, @Oregon, @Texas Tech, @Boise State, UNLV

Talk about a brutal schedule - Road game to powerhouses Oregon and Boise State plus a road game against a decent to good BCS team. The good news is that this scheduled with bad team bookends, New Mexico and UNLV suck. Nevada just recently scheduled Boise State on the road to round out their 2011 schedule. There is no question that Nevada is making it back to a bowl next season with the Wolfpack playing in the WAC.

2012 Schedule - @Washington

Of course Nevada would load up their 2011 schedule just to leave their 2012 schedule practically empty. With only one game on the schedule, Chris Ault is going to have to schedule up, whether that be FCS or BCS they need to get more opponents fast.

2013 Schedule - @UCLA, Oregon, @Florida State

Depending on whether or not the Mountain West decides to go to 12, this schedule may already be locked up, and it's ridiculously tough. A road game to LA and Florida will not be looked upon kindly with Florida State rejuvenated and UCLA starting to play well. The home advantage against Oregon could make the score 52-31 instead of 52-28, Oregon should win that game. An interesting side note is that with UCLA now running the pistol it will be fun to watch to teams who use the pistol as their base offense.

Other Non-Conference games -

2014 - @Arizona

2015 - Arizona, @UCLA

2016 - UCLA

TBA - @Cal, @Cal

Bits on the 2014+ Games -

For some reason says that the two Cal road games are to be announced - not sure why the dates aren't already set.

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