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BYU freshman considering transfer, TCU high on his list

There have been rumblings on the interwebs that BYU freshman defensive tackle Tayo Fabuluje is considering transfering away from BYU at the end of the season.  Fabuluje was one of the trio of heraled players that BYU landed from The Oakridge School in Arlington, TX in 2010 along with WR Ross Apo and LB Teu Kautai.  Fabuluje is not of the LDS faith and is apparently growing homesick and with TCU less that 20 miles from his hometown they appear to be at the top of his wish list. 

According to Rivals Fabuluje chose BYU in 2010 over offers from TCU, Arizona, Arkansas, Kansas State, Nebraska, Purdue, San Diego State, and Utah.  BYU lists him at 6-7. 317 lbs which means in all likely hood he is closer to 6-6, 280 lbs but either way he is a big body that the Frogs could potentially use on the offensive or defensive line.  There is still alot that has to happen here, such as BYU granting his release, but we will keep you apprised of any news as it becomes publicly available.