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Preview No. 25 San Diego State at No. 11 Gonzaga/Open Thread 4 MWC Games

You won't want to miss this one. Part of ESPN's tip-off marathon, this looks to be a fantastic game between the MWC and WCC favorites. ESPN's preview of the game says:

Casual hoops fans know Gonzaga, but they might not know San Diego State, and thus might be unaware that this is one of the better games on the entire marathon schedule. But, oh, it is.

I am going to call this the battle for the West Coast in a match-up of probably the two best teams in the region. Both schools are hoping for deep tournament runs this season and a win would be a nice thing to have on their NCAA resumes. Gonzaga is trying to continue its dominance at home and as a perennial mid-major power, whereas SDSU is trying to bust unto the scene and move from a conference contender to a national mid-major power.

To read more about the match-ups for tonight's game, read the Know Your Enemy interview with Gonzaga blog The Slipper Still Fits. You can also read the questions that we asked them and tonight's preview.  



There are four games going on tonight for Mountain West and they are all on television which is nice. Also, for those hoping to see basketball in high definition on the Mtn. well that is not going to happen until conference tournament time.

SMU @ TCU (The mtn. 8 p.m. eastern)

Wyoming @ Northern Colorado (9 p.m. eastern)

Arizona State @ New Mexico (Versus 10 p.m. eastern)

San Diego State @ Gonzaga (ESPN2 11 p.m. eastern)

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