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Utah To Look Closely At The Quarterback Position This Week

The two consecutive loses that Utah has suffered have a total disaster and now the quarterback situation is going to be evaluated this week. Jordan Wynn had his two worst performances in his short career at Utah. These loses to TCU and Notre Dame are worse then when Jordan Wynn made his first career road start against TCU last year. The collapse at Notre Dame could just be from the shellacking Wynn took against TCU and then when Wynn threw the early pick against Notre Dame he just lost all of his confidence.

Whatever is going on upstairs for Wynn, the Utah coaching staff is going to reevaluate the quarterback position between Wynn and backup Terrance Cain. Coach Kyle Whittingham nearly pulled Wynn in the lost to Notre Dame, but decided against it since he felt that not all of the problems were because of Wynn.

Then Whittingahm says this about Wynn:

"Last week, it was a myriad of things. This week, it wasn't as problematic across the board, but you have to perform. I don't care what level of football you play at, that is a key position and you've got to have performance and production. That's a couple weeks in a row now we haven't been able to get as much as we needed to."

When Terrance Cain was the starter while Wynn was out he was the NCAA's most efficient passer, but the knock on Wynn is that he is a game manager where Wynn is more explosive and not afraid to challenge a defense. My opinion is that Wynn will start this week against San Diego State, but will be scrutinized heavily and if he makes early mistakes expect Terrance Cain to see some action.

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