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Mountain West Football Week 10 Open Thread

Crunch time this week, I guess. San Diego State will try to score some points on TCU and BYU is trying to become bowl eligible. The battle for the bottom of the league between UNLV and Wyoming, and will Air Force gain 400 yards rushing on the ground?

BYU @ Colorado State (The Mtn. 2 p.m. eastern)

#15 Utah @ Notre Dame (NBC 2:30 p.m. eastern)

San Diego State @ #3 TCU (Versus 4 p.m. eastern)

New Mexico @ Air Force (The Mtn. 6 p.m. eastern)

Wyoming @ UNLV (The Mtn. 10 p.m. eastern)

The national game to watch that could have an effect on TCU getting into the title game:

Georgia @ #2 Auburn (CBS 3:30 p.m. eastern)

Also, allows to embed the live stream, so look for that to be on the site later today.

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I have now integrated twitter to the open thread.  So, within your message you need to put #mwc in the tweet and it will show up below.