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BCS Politicking Is Rearing Its Head: Les Miles Says They Deserve A Title Shot

The tradition of using the media to politic one's team into the BCU is back in full force. This time it is by the grass-eating LSU coach Les Miles who believes that his team is the best one-loss team in the country and deserve to be mentioned in the BCS title picture. First off I disagree and say the best one-loss team is Stanford, since they have not needed help to beat a bad Tennessee team who could not count to 11.

Now, Les Miles is saying his team should be deserving of a shot for the BCS title:

LSU coach Les Miles said Monday it was too early to start stumping for his team's position in the BCS.

But at his weekly news luncheon Monday, he did go so far as to imply that, to this point, the Tigers may have been underrated.

"I'm not ready to lobby for my team at this point," said Miles, whose Tigers improved to 8-1 after Saturday's 24-21 win over Alabama and on Sunday moved up to No. 5 in the BCS rankings, the highest ranking for a one-loss team. "The only thing I can tell you is that we have been really on the sideline of this BCS conversation that has involved many other teams. It could never seem to get to us, which included being underdogs in our own stadium (against Alabama), which I just can't possibly can't imagine who we'd play that LSU would be the uderdog.


Well if there were a playoff Les Miles would have a shot on the field, but in the BCS era and in 2010 there is almost no chance for LSU to get to the BCS title game. They would need Auburn to lose twice to just get to the SEC title game, and even if they get that far and win the SEC they may not move past an undefeated Boise State or TCU.

LSU should just concentrate on winning their games in hopes in getting to the Sugar Bowl, which they should if Auburn wins the SEC and goes to the BCS title game.

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