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Carta-Samuels to Miss Wyoming - TCU Game

Apparently the mystery behind Coach Christensen's decision to close Wyoming's practices to the media (and everyone else) had to do with the injury that Austyn Carta-Samuels suffered to his hand during the Toledo game.  His hand was stepped on, and it received a few lacerations, but did not seem to have been injured enough to miss a game.  I'm guessing that after the flight home he was evaluated and the injury was much more serious than expected.

Dax Crum, a senior at UW, will be starting in his stead.  Dax is a solid backup quarterback, but so far has not shown himself to be the playmaker that ACS is.  He played in the final quarter at Texas this year, but has not actually started a game since 2008 (Joe Glenn's last year).  He also took some snaps in the Boise game, but again was not able to really break out with a signature performance.

Few people were expecting Wyoming to come to TCU and be very competitive.  After the blowout at the hands of Boise State, it is hard to imagine that UW would have the tools to upset TCU.  Stranger things have happened, but without the talents of Austyn as a passer and runner, those chances have slipped even further.  But who knows?  If UW's o-line can give that extra split second of time for Crum to pass, and they have a running game, then the Pokes could surprise the Frogs.  Here's hoping that Dax can step up with a performance to remember!