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Admiral Ackbar Is Out For The Ole Miss Mascot, So Who Will It Be

Admiral Ackabr was too perfect for Ole Miss they are down to three ho-hum choices, of a bear, land shark, and a generic person known as 'Hotty Toddy.' The only reason I bring this up is that the choice of 'Hotty Toddy' who to some look like Duffman from the Simpsons, but to me this character looks eerily like the Greendale Community College's mascot the, the Human Being. If you are not familiar with this fictitious school it is because it is from the NBC show Community (which is funny), so I can tell where one group received their inspiration. Just check the video for the similarities.

Actually, before we get to the video, take a look at the comparison to Duffman and the Hotty Toddy: 




Now onto the video!

Clearly this is a mistake by Ole Miss, but the obvious winner will be the safe Rebel Black Bear.