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Aztecs travel to Provo with eyes on victory over the "wounded bear".

How good are the Aztecs this season? Well, we don't really know yet.

SDSU is 15th nationally in scoring offense, seventh in total offense, ninth in scoring defense and 22nd in total defense. A year ago it ranked 85th in scoring offense, 86th in total offense, 98th in scoring defense and 74th in total defense.

More. There are 120 Division I-A programs. In 2009 the Aztecs ranked 116th in rushing offense. They now are 24th. They ranked 85th in rushing defense (118th in 2008). They now are 16th.

via Sign on San Diego.

But can that Aztecs win in Provo? Well they have. Twice. Ever. Once in 2000 and once in 1976. Twice. Ever.

Take it from head coach Brady Hoke:

"We've got so much that we have to improve on that if we ever think there is a trap game out there, we're kidding ourselves"

Essentially, Hoke is saying don't be fooled by the numbers -- which are some of the worst in the country on both sides of the ball. This is still BYU -- the team that has owned the Aztecs to the tune of a 26-7-1 record since 1947.

via Sign on San Diego

"Right now they are a wounded bear, and I don't like fighting with bears." -- Brady Hoke

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San Diego St. Aztecs
@ BYU Cougars

Saturday, Oct 9, 2010, 3:00 PM PDT
LaVell Edwards Stadium

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On paper this shouldn't even be close. It should be a blowout. SDSU is ranked among the nations best on both sides of the ball whereas the Cougars are ranked among the nation's worst. BYU has key injuries. SDSU doesn't. SDSU annihilated Utah State. USU crushed BYU. SDSU has had an extra week to prepare. BYU is coming off an embarrassing loss.

Will it be that easy in reality? Well I'm sure Bronco will do his best to make sure that doesn't happen. I'm not sure if the team will be able to make any significant changes in defense in less than a week; especially with all of the injuries. There will be an attitude change, however, and that can win football games. Let's face it:

1. SDSU has not had success in Provo, and;

2. EVERY FRIGGIN TIME the Aztecs look like they are going to turn the corner they some-how manage to blow it and suck again. Michigan, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Missouri just to name a few recent examples.

The question is whether or not this time the Aztecs can keep it up. They certainly pounded USU the week after the upset loss where SDSU couldn't put it away and Missouri had to use less than legal tactics to win the game. This makes it a huge game for BYU AND SDSU.

SDSU needs to prove that they have taken a step forward and beat a team they should beat in hostile territory. BYU needs to stop the bleeding and turn their season around. Let's see what happens.

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