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#25 Air Force Defends Ranking Against CSU


The Falcons are going to be defending a top 25 ranking for the first time since 2002.  The Falcons are 4-1 and already have two conference wins under their belts.  The Rams are 1-4 and were shutout last week in their conference opener against #5TCU.  The teams are on the exact opposite spectrum of the rushing yards per game.  Air Force is #1 averaging 373 yards to Colorado State at 120th with just 56.2 yards.

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I have noticed every Falcon preview and review read about the same.  Tim Jefferson has gotten better so therefore Air Force is better on offense.  Jared Tew and Asher Clark are great runners out of the triple option.  Air Force is going to run all over you, just how much is the key.  All this is true, so look for those three to feature in a very effective and efficient triple option attack.

The Rams have lost RB Raymond Carter to a knee sprain for what looks like at least two weeks.  Meaning a inept running attack is going to get worse somehow.  I would look at veterans John Mosure and Leonard Mason to get the most carries.  Chris Nwoke has had a little trouble holding on to the ball which has limited his carries so far.  The Rams need to get Byron Steele involved again, as their leading receiver going into the game he got blanked on the stat sheet.

Pete Thomas could have trouble facing one of the top pass defenses in the nation.  If the Rams go down early there could be issues, well more issues, for the Rams offense.

This shouldn't be a very close game as Air Force has dominated all of the Steve Fairchild teams pretty handily.  #25 at home with all the hype growing around Air Force I think they will perform like a ranked team.