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Road To The BCS Week Three Standings Release Open Thread

The top 10 is pretty much already known, but time to see how close (or far) apart TCU and Boise State are from the top two spots. Also, I want to see where Craig James puts Utah in his top 10, if he does. Plus, I want for him to try to explain how Auburn jumped Boise State in the polls? That question may not get asked, but I know that James would say, "Ole Miss plays in the SEC." Any college football fan should retort back with that Ole Miss from the mighty SEC lost to I-AA Jacksonville State.

I among others will try to get through the over deserving praise of the BCS leagues as Craig James keeps Boise, TCU, and Utah under valued. I will still watch as will most of you, but I want to knock out Craig James for being an unabashed homer who believes it matters what league you play in and not how good the team is.

Bring on your best comments to make fun of Craig James, or the comebacks that should have been mentioned when he spouts off garbage.

For those unaware the BCS Countdown show is on ESPN at 8:15 p.m. eastern, and do not get fooled in switching to ESPNU afterward it's the exact same show.