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WAC Resolution May Be Finalized At The End Of The Week

This expansion stuff moves very fast. First, it was a done deal that Fresno State, Nevada, and the WAC came to a resolution that the two schools would pay a $1 million exit fee, and then play all sports in the Mountain West in 2011 except for football that would play in the WAC for the 2011 season.

Then it came out of Reno from the Nevada Wolpack beat writer Dan Hinxman that the report earlier today on ESPN Radio 1430 in Fresno was not true. Now, Hinxman is saying that a resolution could be had by the end of this week:

"We've had really good, constructive conversations, but until we reach an agreement (I cannot comment)," Glick said. "We hope to have an announcement by the end of the week."

If this is the best that Fresno State and Nevada can do, then the WAC clearly won this fight. The WAC gets to keep their football league together for one more year while they try to add some more teams to get the league back up to at least eight teams.

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