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Road To The BCS: The Early Projected Ratings

2010 is starting to look a lot like 2007 when LSU was able to get into the BCS title game with two loses. This great news for Boise State, TCU, and maybe even Utah if get past TCU; these teams have a shot to make the title game with all of the top teams losing.

The top spot will be between Oregon, Auburn, and a remote possibility of Boise State. There is also a very small chance that TCU could be ahead of Boise State.

Here is a chart put together by BCS Evolution comparing these schools computer rankings which are based off of yesterday's results and what they might* look like later today:

Component Auburn Oregon Boise State
AND 1 4 6
BIL 5 6 1
COL 1 5 6
MB 2 5 6
SE 3 1 5
WOL 1 9 5
Computer AVE 0.9700 0.8400 0.8200
Coaches Poll 0.8900 0.9850 0.9400
Harris Poll 0.9100 0.9850 0.9500
BCS Average 0.9233 0.9367 0.9033
* I use might because the BCS does not check the math and the computers do not have a ton of data yet.

Here is the projected standings by BCS Evolution with some commentary on the gaps:

1) Auburn Tigers
2) Oregon Ducks

These will be the top two in tomorrows standings. This time I am sure.

3) Boise St. Broncos
4) TCU Horned Frogs

It is possible that TCU passes Boise State this week, but they should hold their spot in the top 5, with Oklahoma and LSU falling out.

5) Michigan St. Spartans

MSU has a fairly large gap on either side of them. There are no overwhelming pressures to end that, though Missouri may fill the gap below them.

6) Missouri Tigers
7) Alabama Crimson Tide
8) Utah Utes
9) Oklahoma Sooners
10) Wisconsin Badgers
11) Nebraska Cornhuskers
12) LSU Tigers
13) Ohio St. Buckeyes
14) Stanford Cardinal
15) Florida St. Seminoles

The one person who got Oklahoma right late Saturday/early Sunday was the BCS Guru so here is their top 15:

1. Auburn

2. Oregon

3. Boise State

4. TCU

5. Michigan State

6. Missouri

7. Alabama

8. Utah

9. Wisconsin

10. LSU

11. Oklahoma

12. Ohio State

13. Stanford

14. Nebraska

15. Florida State

These also could vary depending how the human voters place the teams.

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