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Making The Rounds: UNLV recaps

Ok, UNLV got throttled this past week... again. Colorado State (yes, Colorado State) beat the Rebels in Fort Collins this past Saturday and here all the recaps you should need:

 - ESPN's short recap of UNLV@CSU
ESPN always seems to have these two short paragraphs that are a sad excuse for a recap of the Rebels' games. The good thing about these recaps is that in them they show the box score, drive chart, and a play-by-play reacp of the game as well.

- Rivals' stat sheet of UNLV@CSU 

Rivals apparently has a very good stat sheet of UNLV games.

- official lengthy recap (Colorado State's official athletic site) has a very lengthy recap for a recap from the enemy's perspective.

- official short recap

Well, the usual crappy recap provided by UNLV's official athletic site... Not much more to say.