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Jackson Emery Predicts BYU Will Go Undefeated In Basketball This Year

The teams in the Mountain West already do not care for BYU since they are leaving a league they help create and are now taking their non-football sports to the WCC. Now, to add more fuel to the fire BYU Senior Jackson Emery is predicting that BYU can go undefeated this year:

"We believe, looking at our schedule, that we can go undefeated. We know it's gonna be tough, but we have a lot of confidence in ourselves, and hopefully we can do that," Jackson Emery said. "I think every year we have that kind of attitude that we'd love to go undefeated, but it's hard 'cause you gotta go on the road, you gotta play teams that are really good...but the kind of confidence that we have in our team is that we can win every game."

The last team to even sniff going unbeaten was the Jamer Nelson led St. Joseph team back in 2003-2004. The Mountain West was a four bid league last year and BYU is not even the projected MWC winner; as that honor goes to San Diego State.

Going undefeated is not going to happen for BYU. Just look at a handful of games they have to play this year San Diego State, New Mexico and UNLV all twice in conference play. Outside of league play they go up against Utah State, UCLA, Creighton, and Arizona.

So, good luck with that BYU, and expect teams to bring their A++ game when they face you this year.

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