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MWC changes policy: All employees and alums are banned from replay booth effective immediately.

After a conference call between MWC officials and the ADs of all nine member schools today, the San Diego Union Tribune is reporting that they have agreed to a new protocol that will ban any school employees or alums from working in the replay booth effective immediately.

Additionally, the conference will conduct a "comprehensive review" of all the instant replay systems and protocols among all sports and the report will be released at the spring meetings in May. The conference has also released a statement on its own at the official website:

The Mountain West Conference Directors of Athletics today took action to change existing protocols, henceforth precluding individuals who are employees or alumni of the host institution from serving in the communicator position in the instant replay booth. The new policy is effective immediately and is consistent with existing guidelines for the on-field and head replay officials.        

Perhaps other conferences will follow suit and amend their own rules. The question to be asked is, why was it necessary for something like this to happen before the rules were changed? Whose bright idea was it to allow paid University employees running the replay booth in the first place? On a related note, why is it that it's San Diego sports that get screwed on these rule changes? The Chargers got screwed on both NFL rule changed on the "holy roller" rule where you can't advance the ball forward intentionally by fumbling, and the "Hochuli" rule also involving fumble rules. Just more proof that San Diego sports are cursed.


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