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BREAKING: Mountain West Conference SUSPENDS three officials from BYU win over SDSU.

The San Diego Union Tribune is reporting that the Mountain West Conference has indefinetly suspended three officials, including the head official  from Saturday's SDSU at BYU game as a result of the obvious blown fumble call in the 3rd quarter of the game where it appeared that BYU RB J.J. Di Luigi fumbled and lost the ball.

 The MWC released this statement:

"Consistent with existing evaluative protocols for its on-field and instant replay officiating systems, the MWC has conducted a thorough review of the play in question to assess whether a correct call was made and, if not, identify the source of any error(s). This has included extensive video analysis, interviews with all involved parties and investigation of any potential technical malfunctions. Once the final determination was made, appropriate actions were taken via established internal conference channels."

Many people will remember the infamous non-call at Missouri in which SDSU should have won the game. At this point, SDSU should be 5-0, in the Top-25, and helping the MWC get the BCS standing it deserves. Instead they are 3-2 and facing dropping to 3-3 with No. 22 Air Force coming to town next weekend. Oh and it goes on. For those of you who watched the SDSU BYU game, at the end of the 4th quarter when SDSU was trying to get the ball back, it appeared that SDSU stopped BYU on third down and would get the ball back for one more try to kick a FG to send the game into OT or a TD to win. But wait, a phantom pass interference flag was thrown and BYU ran out the game.

Mountain West officials confirmed to Hoke that the flag never should have been thrown.

San Diego sports are cursed.

Edit: I have reposed the game highlights after the jump. You can see replays of the fumble in question starting around 1:45.