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TCU Round Up: 10/12/2010

(via <a href="">varun.pramanik</a>)
(via varun.pramanik)

The long awaited BYU @ TCU game week is now upon us, and I can assure you no MWC fan-base is more fired up about sending BYU out on their keisters than the Horned Frog faithful.  Unfortunately I still have alot of family stuff going on so I won't be able to spew as much vitriol as I would like to this week, so I will be doubling down on the "round ups" for the time being.

After posting their second consecutive shutout this Saturday agaisnt Wyoming the Frogs have reclaimed their position as the #1 defense in the nation.


Rank Name Games Plays Yds Avg TDs Ydspgm Wins Losses Ties
1 TCU 6 326 1381 4.24 8 230.17 6 0 0
2 Boise St. 5 297 1181 3.98 10 236.20 5 0 0
3 Ohio St. 6 351 1422 4.05 10 237.00 6 0 0
4 Iowa 5 297 1211 4.08 6 242.20 4 1 0
5 LSU 6 361 1476 4.09 12 246.00 6 0 0
6 Texas 5 331 1271 3.84 13 254.20 3 2 0
7 West Virginia 5 298 1273 4.27 8 254.60 4 1 0
8 California 5 313 1274 4.07 10 254.80 3 2 0
9 UCF 5 319 1326 4.16 9 265.20 3 2 0
10 Utah 5 323 1335 4.13 9 267.00 5 0

 If you were wondering what TCU running back Ed Wesley did to receive a personal foul penalty after scoring a touchdown look no further:


(via Keith Robinson)

Look familiar?  It should, because it's an homage to TCU legend LaDanian Tomlinson.

Need some good old fashioned "BYU Hate" to get you fired up about this weekends game?  Check out Killerfrogs' "BYU Look-a-likes" and SpitBloodTCU's first installment of "BYU Hate Week."

TCU coach Gary Patterson gave his weekly presser and talked alot of BYU, excerpts after the jump.

On preparing to face BYU ...
"BYU week has traditionally been, and still is, a tough week. We understand the kind of football team that is coming here. We understand the program and tradition they have."

On the similarities between this game and the 2006 BYU contest ...
"It's always a very physical ball game. This game reminds me of 2006 in terms of where we are and what we're trying to get done. When they came here that year, we were higher ranked and they went on to win the conference championship. It's the same kind of feeling like they have something to prove, and that game didn't turn out very well for us."

On his team's motivation for this Saturday ...
"We have to understand we have a lot to play for. We have a reason for it to be personal because of what we're trying to accomplish and what we're trying to get done. The only thing we can control is TCU."

On playing BYU for the last time as a member of the Mountain West Conference ...
"I feel badly about it because you have relationships with the people at BYU and Utah. You seem them in the spring, you see them at Media Days and you see them on the field of competition. Some days you win, some days you lose. You respect them for what they do. To not have that relationship, at least as league competition, is different. As far as this game is concerned, it doesn't have anything to do with what's going to happen after the season. This is about trying to be 3-0 in the conference. They're trying to get to 2-1. We're trying to win a conference title."

On BYU running backs JJ Di Luigi and Bryan Kariya ...
"Their running backs run well. Bryan Kariya can run over you. JJ Di Luigi can catch the ball out of the backfield. He leads them in receptions and yards. You've got to know where he is. He's a good football player in our league and a good football player in any league. He's made plays against everybody they've played against. We're going to have to be able to tackle."

On his offense's approach against BYU ...
"Offensively, the last two years, we've been able to move the ball and score points. You've got to score points against BYU or you're going to get yourself in trouble. You can't just move it. You've got to be able to play in the red zone, and you can't turn the ball over."

On approaching this stretch of the season ...
"This is a tough two-game swing with BYU and Air Force. We've got to be ready to play and understand that everybody wants the same thing we do. They want to win a conference title. That's what happens in the conference. Every year becomes more difficult because you're coaching against the same coaches like Bronco Mendenhall. They know you just a little bit better. You have to be a little bit better. You need to have more tweaks. Everything that goes along with it, you've got to do better. This year is no exception."

On receiving first-place votes in the AP and USA Today polls ...
"I'm really glad for our kids and our fans because that's a sign of respect of where we've gotten to and what we're trying to accomplish as a program. It makes me feel good inside. There is actually somebody out there who thinks we have that kind of program and would give us that opportunity. That's what we've been working for. We worked for a BCS game last year and finally received the chance to go through that door. Now, we're trying to get to where we have a team that is quality enough to play for a national championship."