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Blogpoll Week Seven Draft

Here is the week seven draft:

1. Ohio State 
2. Oregon
3. Boise State
4. TCU
5. Nebraska
6 Oklahoma
7. Auburn
8. Utah
9. South Carolina
10. Alabama
11. LSU
12. Michigan State
13. Iowa
14. Arkansas
15. Arizona
16. Florida State
17. Nevada
18. Missouri
19. Wisconsin
20. Air Force
21. Oklahoma State
22. Oregon State
23. NC State 
24. West Virginia 
25.Virginia Tech 


Jeremy Mauss
1. Boise State 
2. Oregon 
3. TCU 
4. Ohio State 
5. Oklahoma 
6. Nebraska 
7. Auburn 
8. Utah 
9. South Carolina 
10. Alabama 
11. Michigan State 
12. Stanford 
13. Arkansas  
14. Iowa 
15. LSU 
16. Nevada 
17. Arizona 
18. Wisconsin 
19. Florida State  
20. Air Force 
21. Missouri 
22. Oregon State 
23. West Virginia 
24. Oklahoma State 

25. Michigan 


  • So, Boise State and Oregon are technically tied, but since I run the site I over rule and put Boise State there for now. 
  • We know Stanford should be higher, but Rebelfan1 did not add Stanford, and this is a draft so be kind.
  • Head-to-head matchups count which is why South Carolina is ahead of Alabama.
  • Even though Oregon State beat Arizona, the Wildcats have one loss to the Beavers two. It is still early to move a two loss team ahead of a one loss team.
  • My personal ballot I jumped LSU back up to where they should be, at least I think they belong.
  • No Florida or Miami in the final poll.

Also, do not forget to praise or criticize our votes, and leave suggestions in the comment field for us to consider in changes for the final ballot.

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