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Air Force Jumps Two Spots After 49-27 Victory Over CSU


The Falcons are now #23 in the polls after a easy home victory over the Colorado State Rams.  The Falcons were scoring fast and early which lead to a lot of backups playing and a generally unexciting viewing experience in the second half.   I liked the bullet point recap so I am going to copy that.


  • The Rams ran for 285 yards without Tony Drake and Raymond Carter.  If you watched the game it felt like they ran for about 135 yards.  Pete Thomas still threw it 35 times. 
  • The Falcons ran for 248 yards.  If you watched the game it felt like they ran for about 400 yards.
  • The few CSU fans were complaining about the play calling all game, again.  The Rams seem to have a case of Stuckeritis.  Your quarterback doesn't suck anymore, use him to throw more then a screen pass.  One could even make a good argument that Thomas is worse at screen passes then he is a deep out or a quick slant.  Steve Fairchild, if you flip the page over there are deep passes and useful plays on the other side of that play sheet. I hope.
  • Where are the trick plays?  Dion Morton and John Mosure combined threw for over 100 yards and three touchdowns last year.  They worked Steve, bring them out again.
  • Byron Steele with 212 yards receiving leads the Rams, he has not caught a pass in three weeks.  Maybe we should throw the ball to him.  Giving Thomas three receiving targets that are two walkons, and a converted running back while none of them are taller then 6 feet is pretty stupid CSU.  Pretty Stupid.  A 6'4 and 6'3 receiver are just waiting to get a call, let them use their size to make a play.
  • I think both first team defenses were out of the game by the second half.  If not the whole 2nd team a majority for both teams.  Why does winning big matter again?
  • Tim Jefferson makes a lot of really good decisions for the Air Force offense.  185 yards and three passing touchdowns.  They could give TCU and Utah some real issues with game planning.  If they beat one of those teams I am not sure I would call it an upset, just an even match up.
  • Jonathan Warzeka is sneaky fast.  That kick return was fun to watch.
  • The Air Force defense could have been better, they will need to pick it up a bit if they want to stop Dalton and Wynn.
  • A fake field goal when your up by 21 points Troy Calhoun?  I know you are trying to climb up the rankings in the unfair BCS world but showing some class might be a bigger deal when you coach at Air Force.  Your team was scoring at will, was getting stopped for a field goal really going to change the game?  Did you really think CSU was going to turn around and put up 35+ points?  It seemed classless and as a service member I was a little disappointed in the AFA.  If you want to win big keep your starters in for another series.  Showing the world your trick play won't help you beat TCU or Utah, should have kept that one in the bag.