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Utah Opens Conference Play vs TCU

It's Utah vs TCU.  Call up ESPN's College GameDay, the MWC showdown is about to happen!  Oh wait.... this is basketball.  Utah (7-7) will take on TCU (8-7, 1-0) in Utah's first conference game of the season.  Both teams have struggled this season, but are on a nice little 2 game win streak.  

This game is a must win for the Utes, if they hope to have any chance to save their season.  Following this game Utah will travel to New Mexico, UNLV, then face San Diego State at home.  That is a very, very tough stretch.  This game is crucial for gaining momentum for this young team.  

I said this a couple weeks ago for the Utes, now it's Frogs turn;  Now that TCU's football season is over, it's time for them to focus on their struggling hoops team.  They are off to a (1-0) start to conference play, with a nice win over Air Force.  

Although they have lost 7 games, they have played teams tough.    TCU lost by only 3 on the road to Arizona State earlier this season.  They haven't really beat anyone real good this year though.  A win over Utah would probably be TCU's best win of the season.

The Utes will be without Kim Tillie, who had surgery on his knee.  Jay Watkins and Jason Washburn will be game time decisions for this game.  Injuries have plagued the Utes all season, who are actually (3-1) when at full strength.  That one loss was to Oklahoma in overtime.  Jim Boylen emphasized the need to get the team healthy:

"When we get full strength, were going to have a really good basketball team.  That's what I'm hoping for.  We have a lot of variables.  This is not an excuse."