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Preview: San Diego State (12-3, 1-0) AT Wyoming (7-8, 0-1)

With the Aztecs coming of a win over No. 14 New Mexico and the Cowboys coming off a home loss to Colorado State, this game may appear to be an easy win for SDSU but their are a lot of factors that lay in the favor of Wyoming. As SDSU fans may remember, a road loss at Wyoming was a big blow last season and one big reason why the Aztecs didn't win the conference and didn't get a spot in the NCAA tournament.

Although the Aztecs have won two of their last four trips to Laramie, SDSU has only won six times ever at Wyoming. Not only that, the young Aztec teams has struggled on the road this season; their only three losses have come on the road against teams (St. Mary's, ASU, Pacific), while good, they almost certainly could have beaten at home. The Aztecs have started to come together as a team as of late, but a huge injury in Tuesday's win over New Mexico could cost them.

Billy White, leading scorer and All-MWC forward, is out for this game and will not play next week at UNLV either. SDSU will be down to 8 or 9 players which might be a big problem at altitude.

All that being said, the Aztecs should still dominate and win this game. The Cowboys lost their home MWC opener to Colorado State; all of Wyoming's wins save one has been at home and Colorado State isn't dominating anyone. Not taking anything away from either of those teams, but SDSU is much more talented and is competing with New Mexico, UNLV, and BYU for the top team in the league.

The Cowboys are a young team and probably aren't ready to compete with the top four. That being said, they've had some big performance from their young players, specifically sophomores Adam Waddell, JayDee Luster, and Arthur Bouedo. All three had big nights against Colorado State but weren't able to do enough to take down the Rams.

In conclusion, look for a tough fight from the Cowboys but ultimately a Aztec victory.

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