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If College Football Had a Playoff: Championship Game #1 Alabama Crimson Tide vs. #11 Virginia Tech Hokies

Virginia Tech had another upset in their march through the playoffs as they beat out Texas in the semi finals. The final matchup pits top seed Alabama against Virginia Tech in the Rose Bowl. An interesting matchup as both teams run the ball well, but Alabama has a dominating defense.

This will be the matchup of the running backs with Ryan Williams from the Hokies versus Heisman winner Mark Ingram. Who ever can run the ball more should get the win.

Time to turn to What is Sports for their projections, and they have Alabama smoking the Hokies 37-6. The Tide was lead by their offense that jumped on the Hokies quick with a 27-6 halftime lead. That lead allowed their defense to run loose and bring pressure against Virginia Tech. Ryan Williams had a good game in the loss with 113 yards, but almost half of that was on a 52 yard run.

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