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If College Football Had a Playoff: #2 Texas Longhorns vs. #11 Virginia Tech Hokies

The previous matchup was #4 TCU vs. #1 Alabama and the Tide came away with an easy win in the fan voting. The newest matchup is Texas taking on the underdog #11 seed Virginia Tech in the Sugar Bowl. Texas will have to deal with the running game of Ryan Williams who is a stud and has the ability to make big plays for the Hokies.

While Tech which has a good defense will need to try to slow down the Colt McCoy to Jordan Shipley connection, and to do that the Hokies will need to try to get pressure on McCoy similar to what Nebraska did.

Time to turn the simulation over to What if Sports for their simulated prediction. Well they predict a Texas win 33-9 by way of a surprising performance by the Longhorn rushing attack that 240 yards while the Texas rush defense stopped Ryan Williams to only 60 yards. The game was close for the first quarter as Texas only lead 10-6 and then 16-6 at the half before getting 17 in the second half to zero for Virginia Tech.

Now it is time for the fan vote to decide who moves on, yes that is you. Check back daily at 12 PM eastern time to vote for the next matchup, and voting is only for 24 hours. As they say in Chicago vote early and vote often.