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If College Football Had a Playoff: Semi-Finals are Set

The final quarter final matchup between #11 Virginia Tech against #3 Cincinnati was a blowout in favor of the Hokies. Now, with the performance the Bearcats put on against Florida in the Sugar Bowl this out come is possible.

Now we are onto the semi final matchup which under my proposal would have these two games played at one of the major bowl games such as the Sugar and Fiesta Bowl, and then the final be at the Rose Bowl.

Now, onto recap the quarterfinal matchup and set up the semi-finals.

#1 Alabama over #9 Georgia Tech

#4 TCU over #12 Penn State

#2 Texas over #7 Oregon

#11 Virginia Tech over #3 Cincinatti

Now the current matchups would be as follow:

#1 Alabama vs. #4 TCU @ Fiesta Bowl

#2 Texas vs. # 11 Virginia Tech @ Sugar Bowl

For those who forget here is what the bracket originally looked like.