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Utah at #10 BYU Preview


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Utah Utes
@ BYU Cougars

Saturday, Jan 30, 2010, 6:00 PM PST

TV: The Mtn
Marriott Center

BYU's unis in the Coaches vs. Cancer weekend.  To top it off they are sporting these against rival Utah.
BYU To Wear Pink To Support Coaches vs. Cancer Against Utah

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Its the holy war!  Well sort of; There hasnt been much of the feel of a rivalry game between both fan bases. But we know both teams will lay out on the court in front of a packed Marriot Center where the Cougars have been dominant.  Utah (10-10, 3-3) is coming off a road loss at Wyoming where speed and athleticism struck the Utes once again.  BYU (20-2, 5-1) comes off a road loss but a lot more respectable coming against #23 New Mexico.  

Many fans believe this game wont be close and contested becsuse the Utes jus cant hang with the highpowered Cougars.  Even though the Utes have been extremely inconstistent, there have been some bright spots.  Quality Wins over Illinois, Michigan, LSU and UNLV but with losses to teams like Seatlle discredits those wins.

BYU will be lead by preseason confrence player of the year Jimmer Freddette who will be a handful for the Utes.  If Jimmer cant produce then you will see Jackson and Tyler Haws step up.  

I like to say everybody has a chance on any given day and I believe Utah has a chance to win.  This season I have always wanted to have confidence in this team but end up extremely dissapointed.  I just seem to think the game tonight wont be any different.  The Ute fan base is spoiled with the success with football and a mediocre season just doesnt cut it for them even in a rebuilding year.  

BYU will win this game because there fast and athletic and have the whole package unlike anyone Utah has faced this season.  It might be close at first but it could end a blowout for the high flying Cougars.  

- Jim Boylen has not won in the Marriott Center