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Best of the 2000's Counting Down the Mountain West Top 10 Teams: #2 2004 Utah Utes

Now, it is time to continue the countdown of the decades best team, and now we move to the number four spot.  Sorry for the delay in these posts.

#2 2004 Utah Utes (12-0)

This is the first team to bust through the BCS form being outside of a non-automatic qualifying league and they did so at the toughest standard by needing a sixth ranking to gain access.  This team was coached by Urban Meyer who took the Utes to a whole new level by defeating every team easily with the closest game against Air Force that was 49-35, and a game that was in question for part of the contest.

This team had the best player in Mountain West history with QB Alex Smith who seemed to do as he wish against all opponents.  He was a perfect fit for Urban Meyer's offense, because even though he was not super fast he was quick enough and when there was a run option he nearly always made the right play that helped the Utes.

Other key players on that team were WR's Steve Savoy and Parris Warren who combined for over 2,000 yards and 23 touchdowns, and then RB's Marty Johnson who scored 14 scores, and then Quinton Ganther.  Both of them ran for 1,400 yards, but then if you include QB Alex Smith and WR Steve Savoy the running game was nearly unstoppable.

The defense was not as good as the offense but did hold four opponents under double digits, but also allowed seven games with 20 or more points.  One of those single digit teams was Pitt who Utah took apart in the Fiesta Bowl.  This was truly the first team in college football that proved that the non-AQ schools could defeat BCS level teams.  The Utes beat Texas A&M, Arizona, North Carolina, and Pitt all from BCS leagues.  Now those were not powerhouses -- Pitt did win the Big East -- but they were still from the big money leagues.