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Best of the 2000's Counting Down the Mountain West Top 10 Teams: #3 2009 TCU Horned Frogs

Now, it is time to continue the countdown of the decades best team, and now we move to the number three spot.

#3 2009 TCU Horned Frogs (12-1)

TCU was nearly one second away from playing for the national title, but Texas was fortunate enough to have that second to kick the game winning field goal.  This TCU team was the most dominant in Mountain West play history by destroying Utah and BYU who as well as ACC runner-up Clemson.

This team was similar to the 2008 team in that the offense was up to par with the defense, except this TCU offensive team was even better and was ranked in the top ten.  There was no single dominant player on this team as four players averaged forty yards per game; that included quarterback Andy Dalton

Andy Dalton had his best season by far at TCU with the weapons of Jeremy Kerley and Jimmy Young at wide receiver, and was more then a game manager as he has been in the past.

Then came their first ever BCS bid against Boise State in the Fiesta Bowl and was the first time two non-BCS teams made the a BCS bowl game.  TCU was a favorite in the game, because their schedule was much tougher then Boise, but they were out played with Boise's defense being very good and shutting down TCU's offense.

The TCU team would have been on the top of this list had they beaten Boise State have made an outside claim for the national title.