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Rams Host Horned Frogs As Both Teams Look For .500 in Conference

Colorado State(11-8, 2-3) and TCU(10-10, 2-3) are riding conference losing streaks as they look to get back to .500 in conference play.   The Rams have played a tough stretch dropping three games to BYU, UNLV, and UNM.  They played awful against BYU, ok against UNM, and should have beaten UNLV at home.  For TCU they have lost to UNLV and SDSU.  The Horned Frogs are 1-6 on the road and the Rams are 9-1 at home coming into the contest.

The Horned Frogs will need a big game from Zvonko Buljan as his size and offensive game could give the CSU defenders fits.  Look for Travis Franklin or Greg Smith to guard him with their athleticism and long arms.

The Rams should look for any kind of consistency out of Andy Ogide who has been mediocre at best the last 2 games.  Dorian Green leads the Rams with 13.5 points a game and has been hitting his threes the last two games, 8 of 15.

The contest starts at 6pm MST and will be televised on the MTN. 

If your a Ram fan get out to Moby and impress like last game, that was easily the best crowd all year. The CU vs CSU crowd dropped about 30 to many F bombs even for my liking.