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BREAKING NEWS: BYU Schedules Huge Road Game Against Texas For 2011

The Cougars are strengthening their schedule.  Geoff Ketchum, a radio host on ESPN's 1530-AM The Drive, has reported through his Twitter page that BYU will be playing at Texas on September 10, 2011.  


There is no word yet on a return game.  Give BYU and Bronco Mendenhall credit for accepting this challenge, similar to last years when they faced Oklahoma.  

This will be BYU's second non-conference game scheduled thus far.  They currently have instate rival, Utah State on their schedule as well.  They now have two holes to fill, unless of course Boise State is invited to join the conference.

BYU is now set to face TCU, Utah and Texas in 2011 and possibly Boise State.  That is a very tough, but favorable schedule that likely can get them into the BCS Title Game if they were to go undefeated.  They will be facing Utah and TCU at home in 2011.

UPDATE: There will be no return game this is a one and done for BYU, which is odd since Bronco felt that BYU was above that.  Also, how does Wyoming get a home game but not BYU?   Wyoming did a two-for-one with the Longhorns, I would expect BYU to try something similar.  Nevermind, below is the offical press release from BYU:

We are very exited to announce this game vs. Texas,” said BYU Athletics Director Tom Holmoe. “It’s a great opportunity for BYU to play a program like the Longhorns on a national stage. We anticipate a great matchup between two storied programs that are currently among the most successful in the nation. I'm really excited for our coaches, our players and the rest of Cougar Nation."


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