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Best of the 2000's Counting Down the Mountain West Top 10 Teams: #7 2009 BYU Cougars

Now, it is time to continue the countdown of the decades best team, and now we move to the number seven spot.

# 7 2009 BYU Cougars (11-2)

This year's BYU team was somewhat of a failure because they experienced the high of highs by beating Oklahoma on opening weekend and then they lost to Florida State a few weeks later and the season felt lost.  This team did rebound after that loss as well as the TCU loss to finish with the schools fourth straight ten win season.  This squad featured seven All-Mountain West first or second team players, and per usual had a great offense.

A fifth straight visit to the Vegas Bowl was again facing BYU, but his time they were motivated and thoroughly beat down Oregon State, and made the season not as bitter.   Some BYU fans were still somewhat upset with an impressive 11-2 season since they used to be the mid-major power, but have not been to a BCS bowl yet.

This team had a boatload of talent with the all time winner at quarterback with Max Hall, all time leading rusher in Harvey Unga, and the best tight end in school history with Dennis Pitta.