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#17 Cougars Run Away From Rams At Home 91 - 47

BYU(18-1, 3-0) dominated CSU(11-6, 2-1) for 30 minutes of the game showing why they are the top team in the MWC.  Jimmer Ferdette led all scorers with 21 as three other Cougars joined him with double digit scoring.   Freshman Greg Smith was the only Ram in double digits with 13.  The Rams did lead 16-15 in a game that looked like the Rams might keep it close through out.  The Cougars went on a 23-6 run to end the half and the Rams hopes.  Catch the rest after the jump...

BYU was easily the better team as it showed they can score in a half court offense or through the run and gun offense.  The Cougars shot an impressive 58.6% from the field including 7-17 from downtown.  The only complaint would be the free throw shooting at 64% might hurt them if they get into a close game.  BYU really showed that coming to the Marriott Center will be the toughest conference game that any team plays all year, it will be surprising to see someone upset BYU at home.

The young Rams have to use this game as a lesson of where they want to be in a few years once they mature.  They shot a awful 31.4% and 7.7% from 3 point range.  You can't beat anyone with that type of shooting.  Give credit to the Cougars defense for making the Rams take difficult shots.  However, the Rams didn't seem to get in a flow all day as Dorian Green seemed to be shying away from running the offense.  That could be the plays not starting with him or his inexperience getting to him on the road. They didn't do themselves any favors with 23 turnovers.

The Rams will continue their tough week with UNLV at home and then to The Pit to play UNM.  Even if the Rams don't win it will good to see them play a much better game and keep them close.

The BYU it looks to be their conference to lose.  They host Wyoming and then travel to SDSU this week.  It will be interesting to watch their road games as I imagine the student crowds will be gunning for them with their top ranking.