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MWC Hoops Open Thread: Utah @ UNLV and TCU @ San Diego State

The night cap is a simulations double header of hoops.  The games feature the bottom tier of the Mountain West in Utah and TCU taking on the top of the Mountain West, and if the league wants to get three or four teams then these top teams need to win this evening.

Utah (8-8) @ UNLV (14-3) 7PM MST

TCU (9-8) @ San Diego State (12-5) 7PM MST Images_medium


Let's hear what you think. Register for a free account here on the site and leave your comments, predictions and other game day chatter below in the comments section.

I have now integrated twitter to the open thread.  So, within your message you need to put #mwc in the tweet and it will show up and send it to @mwcconnection.  Also, if your not following me my twitter name is @mwcconnection


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