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BYU Pulls Away in the Second Half to Route Air Force

Jimmer Fredette returned in limited action against Air Force as he is still recovering from mono, but he was not a huge factor as he only played 18 minutes.  The star for BYU was Jackson Emory who had 21 points on five of ten from three point range.

Air Force was actually hanging around for the first half and actually had a lead very early and the only reason they were hanging on was with their three point shooting.  Once that went ice cold the game was over for Air Force; they eventually ended up going on 9-30 from behind the arc.

The offense was a step below their average -- because of Jimmer being out -- but the defense was able to stop an inept Air Force team to 33% and only Derek Brooks was able to get to double figures with ten. This was the 12th win in a row for BYU, and while this was an expected win over a bad opponent playing with a limited Jimmer Fredette could help them down the road come tournament time.