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BYU Methodically Beats UTEP In Final Non-Conference Game

No Jimmer Fredette no problem for BYU as hyped freshman Tyler Haws had 20 points and 11 boards in the win.  Jonathan Tavernari was also a stud who stepped up with 19 points and six boards in only 19 minutes.  Then there was Brandon Davies had 14 points on five f six shooting. Most of the first half BYU was down anywhere from three to five points until the game was tied at 28 which is when BYU took control of the game.

UTEP did not play a bad game as they met their average in points per game, but they did not have the fire power to stop the BYU offense that stepped it up after having Jimmer Fredette.  The game changer was the second half where BYU started with a 12-2 run and held a 49-36 lead after Haws drained a three-ball just over three minutes in.

This puts BYU's record to 16-1 and has won 11 straight since that mysterious loss to Utah State.