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Week One Mountain West Power Rankings

What!! Another poll/ranking/list yes that is correct.  Each week usually on Tuesdays a collection of people who write about the Mountain West will collaborate for a weekly power poll.   Voting is nine points for first, eight for second, and so on to the bottom.   Here is the list of voters for the MWC Power Poll:

Vanquish The Foe (BYU) Two Voters

The Holy War (BYU and Utah) One Voter

Spit Blood  (TCU) One Voter

Inside the Gridiron (UNLV) One Voter

Coach Tark's Towel (UNLV) One Voter

Mountain West Connection (Utah) Three Voters

Hit the jump to see the poll

1. BYU (8) 72 Points
2. TCU 60 Points
3. Utah 55 Points
4. Colorado State 47 Points
5. Air Force 41 Points
6. UNLV 33 Points
7. San Diego State
20 Points
8. Wyoming 19 Points
9. New Mexico 10 Points

This poll is a work in progress with the presentation.  With Labor day and 'life' stuff getting in the way this is the post for this week.  Look for in the future to have analysis written by the voters next to each name and possibly some fancy logos.   For now it is the basic poll, and no shock that BYU is at the top.  We appreciate feedback on this poll, and make sure to check out the other voters sites above they are all top notch work.