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Colorado State Scores Early and Holds off the Buffs

Who needs an experienced quarterback or running back for Colorado State? QB Grant Stucker starting throwing early and often and to lead the Rams over a quality win over the Buffs.  Since the Rams were an 11 point underdog technically an upset, but not when you consider the past few years the games have been close and Colorado has dropped from their usually dominance to just an average team.

The Rams got off to an early 14-0 lead which is what CSU needed to hold off Colorado. Stucker was good early but after the 57 yards -- which was over 25 percent of his 207 total-- he was efficent in moving the ball with nothing specatular.  The game could have really gotten out of hand had WR Rashaun Greer not drop a pass that would have made the game 24-0.

I know I have been raving over the CSU offensive line and tonight they proved me right by providing plenty of time for an inexperience quarterback to make plays, and provide running lanes for Leonard Mason who rushed for 107 yards.

The game was back and forth all night with huge hits by the defensive backs with a game where both defensives played pretty good by each team forcing two turnovers apiece.

The difference in the game was that Colorado was not able to run the ball as they only mustered an average of 1.4 yard per carry, but even when you remove the negative 38 yards caused by four Rams sacks their average was still only 3.9 on 17 carries.  The Buffs were content with passing the ball for 40 times even though the offensive line was not protecting Cody Hawkins all that well.

Every time Colorado seemed to making noise and go ahead in the game CSU made a defensive stop.  The second half of the game the Buffs did outscore the Rams 14-3, but that was not enough for the win.  Even though the Rams were not able to score they were able to control the ball and prevent Colorado from scoring.   The five minute edge in time of possession for the Rams along with their ability to run the ball and stop the Buffs from running was the difference in the game.  Well, that fast 17-0 start had something to do with the win, too.

Prior to the game the Buffs were talking of smacking the Rams and getting to double digit wins for the first time since 2001; pretty big words from a team that won five games last year.  With this loss coach Dan Hawkins is more firmly placed over the furnance known as the hot seat.