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San Diego State Gives up 30 Unanswered in Loss to UCLA

San Diego State started off the game doing pretty good with QB Ryan LIndley tossing the ball around while leading the Aztecs to a 14-3 advantage.  Then San Diego State returned to the good old Aztecs we have all known and loved, by turning the ball over three times and allowing thirty straight points.  The first half had the Aztecs playing like a well coached machine with first year man Brady Hoke, but the second half came with UCLA figuring things out.

The difference in the game was the Bruin defense that was able to figure out San Diego State and stopped cold their running attack which was only able to gain 39 yards all night. For, all the hype that Ryan Lindley gets he was unable to throw his way back in the game.  He ended up throwing the ball for a decent 238 yards but it came from 18 of 45 attempts.

It is not as if UCLA was an offensive jugernaut tonight, but the Bruins took advantage of the turnovers their defense created.  Freshman QB Kevin Prince was solid for a freshman and managed the Bruins with 176 yards a score, but also had two picks.

The reason for the loss was that the Bruin defense figured out what San Diego State was doing on offense, and just happened to shut down the Aztec running game.  SDSU looks improved, but they still have plenty of things to work on.